999 Silver Heart Sutra Signet Lotus Ring

Are you looking for a gift for someone special or yourself? This should be perfect. Because every time you wear it, it will enhance your personality Stand out from the crowd It is worth watching. In addition, your jewelry can be worn on all occasions. Even swimming Does not cause you to cause allergic reactions This is the most worth it. This ring is the best gift for people who like to wear jewelry to increase luck.


999 Silver Heart Sutra Signet Ring - Razzyy

About Quality:

We never sell fake jewelry - all of our jewelry stated as 925 silver, or 990 silver, or 999 silver are made from 100% real silver, not plated!!

 If our silver jewelry is tested as fake, we will refund full money!


  About silver color:


 It is not a quality problem if the silver jewelry becomes darker when you receive it. All 925 silver or 990 silver, or 999 silver jewelry may become oxidized. Since it may take tens of days for delivery, the silver jewelry may become dark when arrive. Please use the polishing stick or cloth (come with the jewelry) to clean the jewelry, or use a little toothpaste to clean it. VERY EASY!!